Maosheng Ban
Maosheng Ban Associate Professor / Master tutor · Population geography· Urban geographyMaosheng BanAssociate Professor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang UniversityEducation Background2005-2008: Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Ph.D.1993-1996: former Hangzhou University, Master's degreeCourses TaughtPopulation geography
Zongshi Chen
Zongshi Chen Professor / Master tutor · Economic sociology· Organization theory· Environmental sociology· Institution· Corporate social responsibilityZongshi ChenProfessor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang UniversityMember, American Sociological AssociationBoard Member, Chinese Environmental SociologyEducation BackgroundPh.D. in Sociology, University of California Berkeley, 2011Juris Master, Law School of Renmin University of China, 1999Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Renmin University of China, 1997Courses TaughtSociological Theory, Sociology of Law, East Asia Business and Management, Quantitative Methods, Chinese Economy, Chinese CultureWebsite:
Philipp Demgenski
Philipp Demgenski Hundred Talents Researcher (Category B) / Doctoral supervisor · Anthropology, Urban Anthropology, Heritage politics, Intangible Cultural Heritage, UNESCO, Global governance, Memory and History, Space and placePhilipp DemgenskiPhilipp Demgenski obtained his PhD in Anthropology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Between 2012 and 2015, he conducted a total of 18 months of ethnographic fieldwork on inner city redevelopment and urban heritage in Qingdao. His dissertation is titled “Seeking a Future for the Past: Negotiating inner-city redevelopment and heritage in Qingdao, China”. He is currently writing a book on this topic. Between 2017 and 2019, Philipp served as a post-doctoral researcher at the École des hautes etudes en sciences sociales (EHESS) in Paris, France, working on the a project titled “UNESCO Friction: heritage-making across global governance.” Philipp is now a Junior Professor (Associate Researcher) at the Anthropological Institute, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang University.Education Background2010 - 2016: The Chinese University of Hong Kong : Ph.D. (Anthropology)2008 - 2009: School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (UK): M.A. (Chinese Studies)2006 - 2008: Minzu University of China : Chinese Language2003 - 2006: University of East London (UK): B.A. (International Development and NGO Management)Website:
Lianghao Dai
Lianghao Dai Hundred Talents Researcher (Category B) · Cognitive mapping/ Social network analysis· Sociology of scientific knowledge/ Science and technology studies· Knowledge sharing, group formation and their interactions during the process of interdisciplinary collaborations· Academic Labor/ Sociology of LaborLianghao DaiAssociate Professor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang UniversityDistinguished Researcher, Research Center for Private Entrepreneurs, Chinese Academy of Social SciencesMember, Chinese Sociological Association and International Sociological AssociationMember of the European association for the study of science and technology (EASST). Member of the society for social studies of science (4S). Representative PublicationsDai, L. 2020. What are fake interdisciplinary collaborations and why do they occur? Nature Index. hy-do-they-occur. Dai, L., and Boos, M. 2019. Mapping the right fit for knowledge sharing. Nature. doi: 10.1038/d41586-019-03558-5.Dai, L., and Boos, M. 2017. How Much Sharing is Enough? Cognitive Patterns in Building Interdisciplinary Collaborations. In X. Fu, J. Luo, & M. Boos (Eds). Social Network Analysis: Interdisciplinary Approaches and Case Studies, 41-70. NW: CRC Press.Education BackgroundPh.D. of sociology, the Department for Social and Communication Psychology at the Georg-Elias-Müller-Institute of Psychology. Supervisors: Prof. Margarete Boos, Prof. Regina Bendix and Prof. Karin Kurz, 2020Visiting Scholar in the Computer Network Group, Institute of Informatics, University of Göttingen, Germany, 2012Master Degree in Sociology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2012Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2009 Courses TaughtAcademic paper writing, Sociology of science, Social network theory and analysisWebsite:     
Kurtulus Gemici
Kurtulus Gemici Hundred Talents Researcher (Category A) · Financial sociology· Political economy· Political sociology· Economic sociology· Social network researchKurtulus GemiciHundred Talents Researcher (Category A), Department of Sociology, Zhejiang UniversityEducation BackgroundPostdoctoral researcher, Max Planck Institute, Cologne, Germany, 2009Ph.D. in Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles, 2008Master’s Degree in Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles,  2003Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, University of Bosporus, Turkey, 2001
Miaogang He
Miaogang He Lecturer · SociologyMiaogang HeLecturer, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang University Courses TaughtMethods of Social Investigation and Research, Socio Statistics, SPSS Representative works (paper)1. The principle of Sociology (one of the participants)2. An introduction to the social survey (one of the participants)3. A brief course on Administrative Management (one of the participants)Website: