Shaochun Dong
Shaochun Dong Associate Professor / Master tutor · The history and theories of Ethology (Sociology, Politics and Ethics of Animals)·  Evolutionary anthropology·  Philosophy of science and technologyShaochun Dong Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang University Education BackgroundPh.D. in Humanities and Social Sciences, Zhejiang University, 2003Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Zhejiang University, 1997Master’s Degree in Information Science, Peking University, 1987Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, 1982 Courses TaughtSocial Survey, Introduction to Anthropology, Critical Aesthetics Website:
Gang Feng
Gang Feng Professor · SociologyGang FengProfessor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang UniversityVice President, State and Social Governmental InstituteExecutive Council Member, Chinese Academic Community of Sociology Education BackgroundMaster’s Degree in Sociology, Nankai University, 1986Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Hangzhou University, 1982 Research InterestsSocial theories, social psychology, political sociology, contemporary social development  Courses TaughtIntroduction to Sociology, Classical Readings in Sociology, Non-Western Social Theories and Marxism, Classical Social Theory Website: 
Like Gao
Like Gao Professor · Political science theoryLike GaoProfessor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang University.Education BackgroundPh.D. in Low, Beijing Normal University
Yunxing Ruan
Yunxing Ruan Professor · Political anthropology (social organization in East Asia, political culture, cultural politics)· Cultural heritage anthropology (folk religion, cultural landscape)· Anthropological methodologyYunxing RuanProfessor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang UniversityExecutive Associate Director, Institute of Anthropology, Zhejiang University Associate Director, Research Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage, Zhejiang UniversityVisiting Researcher, National Museum of Ethnology, JapanExecutive Member, China Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (CUAES)Vice President, Sino-Japan Sociological Committee, Chinese Sociological Association  Education BackgroundPh.D. in Law, Kyoto University Research InterestsPolitical anthropology (social organization in East Asia, political culture, cultural politics), cultural heritage anthropology (folk religion, cultural landscape), and anthropological methodology Courses TaughtCultural Anthropology, Political Anthropology, Political Cultural Studies (Graduate Level), Politics and Society of East Asia (Graduate Level) Website: 
Liping Zhou
Liping Zhou Professor · Demographic Sociology· The Demography of Health and Health Care· Population and Sustainable DevelopmentLiping ZhouProfessor, Department of Sociology, Zhejiang UniversityEducation BackgroundPh.D. in Demography, Zhejiang University, 2011Master’s Degree in Biology, Zhejiang University, 1988Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Zhejiang UniversityCourses TaughtIntroduction to demography,Health demography,Population ecologyWebsite: