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题目:Transversive Anthropologies: A View from Latin America



摘要:The world system of anthropology has traditionally rested upon a global division of intellectual labor in which scholars based in the Northern and Western hegemonic centers of the discipline typically travel the world to study alterity and produce theory, while most anthropologists elsewhere, in various Souths and Easts, do “ethnography at home” and write about nationally-defined locations. To critique and help overcome this hierarchical geopolitics of knowledge, this lecture presents and explores the concept of “transversive anthropologies” as a way to think about anthropologies made from the discipline’s peripheries about sites located abroad. Taking seriously both the conceptual importance of ethnographic locations and the postcolonial studies’ argument that nationalism replicates colonial forms of power, it argues that anthropology can only be decolonized if so-called world anthropologies challenge their national missions, engage in serious overseas research, and actually embrace the world. The lecture discusses epistemological, political, and ethical issues involved in transversive anthropologies by examining the anthropological research that the author – US-educated, but born, raised and based in Brazil – has conducted in Cuba, Paraguay, and the Philippines. 

主讲人:João Felipe Gonçalves


主持人:Jan Harm Schutte